What Sylvia Plath Taught Me About Perfection

I find it difficult to get started on a new writing project. Not necessarily because I lack inspiration, but I often can’t bring myself to make that first step out of fear I will be dissatisfied with the results. I procrastinate giving out my work to friends or others for critiquing. I have this undying need [...]

To All The “Scary-Glarey” Girls

When I was about 8 years old, I went to a three-day equestrian camp during the summer and enjoyed several rain-soaked days riding on the backs of beautiful horses. The animals smelled like manure and my clothes were usually drenched all the way through, but I loved every second of gently trotting along the red [...]

Doctor Who: Why Couldn’t McGann Be The War Doctor?

Author's Note: I realize that this post is coming about three years too late, however, the reason I'm speaking about it now is because Big Finish's release of the War Doctor's adventures and plans to expand more on the Time War in the upcoming year.  Ever since I watched a review of Doctor Who: The [...]