On Writing

The Writer and The Deadline

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing noise they make as they fly by,” -Douglas Adams. 

I have a deadline today.

You probably have a deadline too.

So why are we still on the internet?

Because we writers are free spirits, that’s why. We can’t have our lives dictated by something as minuscule as a date written down on a sticky note. That’d be ridiculous. When the project is meant to be done, the muse will hit us….

………….any minute now.

This is usually when the panic comes in and we’re forced to contend ourselves with the fact that Muse has skipped town along with her lover, Motivation, and likely isn’t coming back.

Now we’re forced to sit ourselves down in front of a keyboard and type.

We must bleed ourselves dry for ideas.

The sad truth of it all is that writers need deadlines (probably). We love doing what we do, but we’re so distractible, aren’t we? We’re free and creative and fun. But, more often than not, we aren’t punctual.

If we didn’t have deadlines, we would probably be worse off than we are.

Even the fear that takes hold of us with every ticking of the clock is better than never finishing what we’ve started.

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