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BLOG UPDATE, Or The Author Changes Her Mind

In the year of our Lord 2022, I decided in March to start writing two blog posts a week; one on Tuesday and another on Thursday.

Since then I’ve been relatively consistent about posting and have become more disciplined in the art of, you know, doing what I said I would do.

However, I’ve decided that instead of posting Tuesdays and Thursdays, what I should really be doing is posting Mondays and Wednesdays. Because according to Maiden Mother Google, that’s the most optimal time to post anything.

On the way I have more books reviews, rants, thoughts on reading apps, and even an update on one of my more contentious blog posts ever—The Invisible Girl review.

I’m sorry I don’t have a more interesting post for you today, but I’ve been working on one of my yester-year styled essays where I go more in depth with my thoughts and I couldn’t do it justice by posting just yet.

To those of you who became followers this year, thank you for reading my nonsensical ramblings that only vaguely follow a coherent line of thought. I hope you’ve enjoyed the mental strain of glancing over my many typos.

I know most people won’t comment on this post, but if you’re interested in my reviewing any specific books in the near future, feel free to let me know. I mostly just read whatever (according to my Bookgraph account anything that’s Mysterious, Emotional, Dark, Tense, and Sad), but if you’d like me to give something a go, don’t be shy about giving me a suggestion. I won’t turn down free content.

Thanks everyone who has liked or shared my posts.

See you in the next one.

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