A Bit About Myself

Fighting the Apathy: a Writer’s Senioritis

There are two weeks of school left before summer vacation.

Normally, I would be in full-fledge panic mode, but seeing as this is my 5th year in college I give myself a slap on the back just for showing up to class.

I’ve changed my major two or three times which has hindered my progress quite a bit.

Many of my classmates are blowing up Facebook with pictures of themselves, holding a shiny new degree and talking about their wonderful job opportunities while I’m curled in a fetal position because the job I want requires another degree.

I admire the nontraditional and grad students that go back to school either to get a Ph.D, or a degree that will help them secure a better job.

I also admire people that can do the same job for 30 years and not wistfully daydream about what bleach tastes like.

How do you do it?

After circling the same bowl for half a decade, I want to leap out and explore new surroundings. Even if I just wind up getting eaten by the cat or flushed down the proverbial toilet.

I love learning new things, but I’m tired of the too familiar surroundings. I want a change.

I’ve only dipped my toe into the real world briefly, and it gave me a few startling revelations. Nonetheless, I’m stuck at the bus station of life and I’m ready to arrive at my destination. I may leave a bag or two behind, but I’m ready.


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