On Writing

I Write Slowly

I will be the first to say I am not always the most productive human being. At least when it comes to writing. This, however, is not entirely due to my proclivity to procrastinate. I just happen to write very, very, very, very slow.

My typing isn’t the issue. I can actually key words relatively quickly. It’s just for, whatever reason, it takes an act of God for me to write more than five paragraphs on a good day.

I’ll be happy, writing away, and think off-handedly “Wow! Two whole pages already! I wonder how long I’ve been at this. Oh, six years.”

It’s like if I ever want to actually get anything done, I have to seclude myself in one of those Dragon Ball Z hyperbolic time chambers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 2.38.34 PM

Minus the heavy gravity, temperature fluctuations, and dense air, obviously.

Forget the Scrivener, that would be the best invention a writer like me could ask for. However, I would need at least two years inside there before I could finish a major project.

Hey, it takes a while to get the dialogue and action just right. There is also the issue of rewrites along with new ideas that need to be explored.

You can’t rush these things.

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