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Writers v. Beta Readers: Critique Series Part 1

Author's note: I have been wanting to write a bit more on the nature of critique and the relationship writers have with critics for some time now, but I have realized it will likely take more than one post in order to properly articulate all my feelings on the subject. As such, I will do… Continue reading Writers v. Beta Readers: Critique Series Part 1

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Writer Problems: Word Drought

I like to think I have acquired a decent collection of words over the course of my life. Words are, after all, a writer's currency. Barring the ability to articulate a certain vision, words are arguably the most important tool in a writer's arsenal. Without them we are useless. However, ever so often, I find… Continue reading Writer Problems: Word Drought

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Rewriting: Once More with Feeling!

I experience a mixed bag of emotions when I'm rewriting a piece. One emotion is excitement because I'm fixing things I had problems with in the original draft. Another is trepidation because I'm worried that the things I actually did enjoy about my original draft will have to be cut out. Each thing you change… Continue reading Rewriting: Once More with Feeling!

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I Can’t Social Media: A Writer’s Quandary

Writers are told more and more these days that they should have a strong presence online. They should branch out through any means possible; stamp their name on as many social media websites as they can. However, I have been very remiss in this department. Disgracefully so, I would say. I love writing for my… Continue reading I Can’t Social Media: A Writer’s Quandary

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I Write Slowly

I will be the first to say I am not always the most productive human being. At least when it comes to writing. This, however, is not entirely due to my proclivity to procrastinate. I just happen to write very, very, very, very slow. My typing isn't the issue. I can actually key words relatively… Continue reading I Write Slowly

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Late Night Writing

So...I'm supposed to be working on the third draft of a short story, but here I am. I thought about writing all day at work today, mentally mapping out scenes and constructing dialogue. Then, when I actually got home, all I wanted to do was, well, anything else. My story and I have been acting… Continue reading Late Night Writing