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  • My 7th Bloggiversary

    I was checking my blog stats the other day when I saw a little message pop up informing me that it was my 7th Bloggiversary Now, as someone who still thinks 2019 was a couple of months ago, this came as a real shock. Have I really been blogging for almost 10 years? What can […]

  • W.I.P Novel Draft 2- Electric Avenue: The Emotional Stakes Are Higher

    Writing the first draft for a novel is hard. Writing the second draft is harder. As a notorious quitter with a graveyard of W.I.P.s on her laptop, I was surprised when I actually wound up completing the first draft of my passion project. Considering how often I become overwhelmed by the prospect of cramming all […]

  • Most Writing Advice is Bad

    I have had this blog several years and, in the early days of its evolution, I wrote “writing advice.” Yes, the girl who had yet to be published or showcase her writing on any sort of platform thought she would grace the world with her wisdom on writing. Since then, however, I’ve mostly shied away […]

  • Words are Wind: A Depressing Update for “The Winds of Winter” by George R. R. Martin

    It has been two years since I wrote about The Winds of Winter and its slow progression towards release. I heard some time ago that 2020 was a productive year for Martin, inspiring words considering how long this novel has been in the works. The last installment, A Dance with Dragons, was published in 2011 […]

  • Infidelity Isn’t Sexy: A Rant About a Tired Romance Trope

    I want the record to stand that I don’t consider myself the moral arbiter of fiction. While I will critique until I am blue in the face, I’m not one of those people that gate-keeps topics or disallows people to use certain tropes, provided there can be an honest and intellectual conversation about them. That […]

  • Writers v. Beta Readers: Critique Series Part 1

    Author’s note: I have been wanting to write a bit more on the nature of critique and the relationship writers have with critics for some time now, but I have realized it will likely take more than one post in order to properly articulate all my feelings on the subject. As such, I will do […]

  • Writer Problems: Word Drought

    I like to think I have acquired a decent collection of words over the course of my life. Words are, after all, a writer’s currency. Barring the ability to articulate a certain vision, words are arguably the most important tool in a writer’s arsenal. Without them we are useless. However, ever so often, I find […]

  • Opinion: Thoughts on “Destiny” in Fiction

    In preparation for my own novel, I’ve been reading quite a lot of fantasy novels to get me in the right headspace. As such, I’ve been exposed to the normal trappings of fantasy lit i.e, magical creatures as racial allegories, repurposing of traditional folk-lore stories and, of course, the concept of “destiny.” Destiny gets a […]

  • Diary of a Pantser Turned Plotter: Status Update

    I wrote a couple weeks ago about my conversion from a pantser into a plotter. Since then I have continued to hammer away at this outline and I thought it would be interesting to talk about my experience with it so far. Firstly, I still find my new and improved method of plotting leaps and […]

  • How to NOT Suck at Reviewing in Five Easy Steps

    To anyone that has read this blog for any length of time, it’s no secret I love reviewing stories in all forms of media. It enables me to think critically and learn what makes a story fail or succeed. I owe much of my growth as a writer to watching other reviewers discuss what they […]