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  • I Stopped Caring About Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Post

    In my middle-school and high school days, I was a huge fan of bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Not only were the beats catchy and the lead singers ridiculously talented, the lyrics for the songs themselves were like puzzle-boxes to open. I spent an embarrassingly long time going over each […]

  • W.I.P Novel Draft 2- Electric Avenue: The Emotional Stakes Are Higher

    Writing the first draft for a novel is hard. Writing the second draft is harder. As a notorious quitter with a graveyard of W.I.P.s on her laptop, I was surprised when I actually wound up completing the first draft of my passion project. Considering how often I become overwhelmed by the prospect of cramming all […]

  • Most Writing Advice is Bad

    I have had this blog several years and, in the early days of its evolution, I wrote “writing advice.” Yes, the girl who had yet to be published or showcase her writing on any sort of platform thought she would grace the world with her wisdom on writing. Since then, however, I’ve mostly shied away […]

  • “F-It Bucket” Stories, or How I Got My Story-Writing Brain to Work Again

    I don’t think it is unusual for creatives to experience dry spells. Especially those of us who work full-time jobs and can only create during those precious rare moments we have to ourselves. For me, however, the dry spells have become disconcertingly common, to the point where I wonder if this is my new normal. […]

  • Writer’s Guilt: You Should Be Writing….or Should You?

    Writer’s Block is easy enough to understand. Writer’s Guilt, however, is a bit different. Writer’s Block passes—sometimes like a kidney stone, but it passes. But Writer’s Guilt lingers. At least it does for me. Writer’s Guilt is when you, as a writer, find yourself in a rare moment of calm, of relaxation, of repose, but […]

  • Blog Update, Or The Author Details Her Intentions

    I think it’s no secret to anyone that has followed this blog for any length of time that I am not always the best at updating…..ever. While, on occasion, I’m seized by the writing bug and punch out a couple of blog posts a month, other times I do well to publish one in six […]

  • Too Much Time on Your Hands: A Mini-Essay

    I think most of us are guilty of uttering the phrase “that person has too much time on their hands.” It could be prompted by any number of things: a Youtube video that splices clips of a politician’s speech so they are speaking the lyrics to a pop song, an exact replica of Denmark made […]

  • Writers v. Beta Readers: Critique Series Part 1

    Author’s note: I have been wanting to write a bit more on the nature of critique and the relationship writers have with critics for some time now, but I have realized it will likely take more than one post in order to properly articulate all my feelings on the subject. As such, I will do […]

  • Writer Problems: Word Drought

    I like to think I have acquired a decent collection of words over the course of my life. Words are, after all, a writer’s currency. Barring the ability to articulate a certain vision, words are arguably the most important tool in a writer’s arsenal. Without them we are useless. However, ever so often, I find […]

  • Writing Isn’t Safe

    I have been trying to pin down exactly what has contributed to my lack of productivity in the last few months in terms of my WIPs. While I have been relatively consistent with posting on this blog over the intervening months, I have not been nearly so diligent about making sure I am devoting time […]