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Opinion: Comedies Are Terrible Now

A friend of mine recently introduced me to British comedy, Black Books, which stars Irish comedian Dylan Moran. It’s a show about a combative and anti-social bookstore owner in England and the strange adventures he gets into with his posse of misfits.

As a fan of English comedy, I fell head over heels in love with Black Books. How could I not? After all, it had the key ingredient that makes every comedy worthwhile: ridiculousness.

In one of my favorite episodes, “Travel Writer,” Bernard discovers his landlord has died and bequeathed her ownership of the building to her cat (Mr. Benson). Bernard then hires an exterminator to turn hitman so he can put an end to the kitty’s rein of tyranny.

I wish more comedies could be like this. Don’t get me wrong, comedy is stupid nowadays, but it’s not that special kind of stupid.

I miss the shows like Monty Python and Seinfeld. They embraced absurdity in their great hairy arms and didn’t give a crap what the critics thought.

Now it seems like comedy resides in one of three camps:

In one camp, you have the Dude-Bro-Comedy wherein the only jokes that are told apply to the lowest common denominator. These comedies include jokes about boobs, sex, weed or other drugs, and gratuitous amounts of body humor.

A.KA. every Seth Rogen film ever

In another camp, you have the Safe-Comedy wherein you simply tell jokes and plots that have been done so many times before it’s like trying to wear a pair of 30 year-old underpants and pass them off as new.

Finally, you have Societal-Outrage-Comedy, where every joke you tell has to be a way to stick it to The Man (a.k.a old, white, conservative men) or some other sort of issue that people believe needs addressing. The problem with these sorts of comedies is the shelf-life on them is awful. In a mere three years, most of them will be become dated and forgotten.

What happened to comedy for comedy’s sake?

You know, you can be funny without being wildly offensive or resorting to 5th grade humor. It is possible. We have the technology.

You can laugh at something that has nothing to do with politics or the current state of society. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be relatable. It could be wildly ridiculous like a man paying to have an argument with someone:

While many of the jokes used in these shows and movies are ridiculous, they’re also extremely clever in their own right. Unlike some comedies which think their audience is largely comprised of lobotomized baby seals.

Am I an outlier here? Am I the only one that thinks the viewing public deserves something better? Should I just shut up and drink my diet soda?

All I can say is if Netflix removes this British gem, I may  lose my mind. Dammit, Netflix, You can take Airplane! by don’t you dare touch my Black Books.


8 thoughts on “Opinion: Comedies Are Terrible Now”

    1. I love Grapes of Wrath xD I think that may be my second or third favorite. But, like you said, every episode is a gem. I think the only episode I was iffy on was the one where Manny’s parents come to visit.

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      1. Ah yes ‘Moo Ma and Moo Pa’ I do like it but it’s nowhere near my favourite. I think after the ‘Grape’ episode my next favourite would be the first episode, the Tax Return sequences and Manny’s swallowing of the Little Book of Calm are just rib achingly funny. Other suggestions for great TV comedies from the UK (I am from England myself) if you haven’t already seen them, would be – Spaced, Bottom and the Young Ones (the final two are absolutely crazy slapstick comedies)

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      2. Everything about the first episode was pure gold. I can’t remember the last time I loved a pilot episode as much. When Manny became a Christ-like figure after ingesting the Little Book of Calm I laughed so hard that I cried lol. Of course, the last episode was beautiful too.
        I hadn’t heard of those shows before. Thank you for the recommendations! I’ll have to check those out.

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  1. I am elated you have discovered this beauty of a programme for yourself. I have been enraptured by Bernard, Fran and Manny’s shenanigans for many a year now. Tower of Soup!

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      1. Agreed. If you like this then I will have to recommend two other shows that you may enjoy. Spaced and Coupling! If you enjoy British humour then I am sure you will like these too.

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