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Unpopular Opinion: Censorship and “Offensive”Bookstagram Pictures

I don't consider myself a controversial person, nor do I try to stir the pot when I see a problem brewing. However, it's becoming progressively more difficult to stay quiet on certain issues, particularly issues involving censorship. Today I was exploring Bookstagram when I came across a picture from one of the content creators I… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion: Censorship and “Offensive”Bookstagram Pictures

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Unpopular Opinions: Trigger Warnings

A few weeks ago, I read a memoir written by a twin following her sister’s drug overdose. I was interested because it promised to be a introspective look into what it’s like to have an identical sister, as well as what it means to lose someone who is so integral to your own identity. I… Continue reading Unpopular Opinions: Trigger Warnings