A Bit About Myself

Finding Life Advice in the Restroom

I was using the bathroom before my 11:00 class, when I noticed the utility cupboard was open for some reason. It had multiple quotes written on the inside of it, all in magic marker or pencil. I have no idea why people wrote on the cupboard or why it just happened to be ajar when… Continue reading Finding Life Advice in the Restroom

On Writing

A Writer’s Guide To People Watching

WARNING: The following contains shenanigans.  I don't like the term "people watching." There's something distinctly stalker-isque about it. I prefer to call it "spontaneous character building." When I'm sitting alone in a public place and I spot a person with a strange tattoo, haircut, or distinctive clothing, I'll make up a story about them. It's… Continue reading A Writer’s Guide To People Watching

On Writing

Writing Withdrawal

The professionals encourage amateur authors to write at least a little bit everyday. However, some days this is not possible. Unless you don’t need sleep and operate solely on the power of hopes and dreams. If I’ve had an idea marinating in my head for a long time, not being able to write it down… Continue reading Writing Withdrawal

On Writing

Why I Love Typewriters

A few weeks ago, I bought an Underwood typewriter at a garage sale for $20. The S and A keys are almost entirely rubbed out, the keys stick sometimes, and the space bar doesn’t work. I love it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it working somehow, but I’m just content to punch the… Continue reading Why I Love Typewriters

On Writing

Don’t Want No NaNoWriMo

To a writer, National Novel Writing Month is like the olympics of literature. It gives those who have been holding out on their creative ideas to explode in a frenzy of words and storylines. The goal is to write 50,000 words (the length of an average novel) in one month’s time. NaNoWriMo has gained more… Continue reading Don’t Want No NaNoWriMo


Interview With Author Anne Lauppe-Dunbar

Anne Lauppe-Dunbar is the author of “Dark Mermaids,” an award-winning novel about the East Germany doping scandal that lead to the mental and physical decline of many German athletes. Her main protagonist, Sophia, is a East German swimmer whose health has declined to such a degree doctors deny her treatment. I was given the opportunity… Continue reading Interview With Author Anne Lauppe-Dunbar