On Writing

Doing It The Hemingway

“Write Drunk, Edit Sober”- Ernest Hemingway Most writers have read these words at some point while surfing the internet. Many have even bought a picture with this quote written in fancy typography and have given it a place of honor above their desk. Disregarding the fact that Ernest Hemingway apparently never said this (oops), is… Continue reading Doing It The Hemingway

On Writing

Writing, a Process

For me, a writing project is a Herculean task that requires a stringent routine. I clean my entire social calendar for the day. I have a nutritious breakfast complete with a mandatory cup of hazelnut coffee. I trudge out to the front lawn in my cotton pajamas as the sun peaks modestly from the horizon… Continue reading Writing, a Process

On Reading

Unpopular Opinions: Trigger Warnings

A few weeks ago, I read a memoir written by a twin following her sister’s drug overdose. I was interested because it promised to be a introspective look into what it’s like to have an identical sister, as well as what it means to lose someone who is so integral to your own identity. I… Continue reading Unpopular Opinions: Trigger Warnings