Tips for Collaborating with Other Writers

Another guest post with my friend Jyvur Entropy. Enjoy! Photo by from Pexels I love collaborating with other writers. It can be incredibly energizing to combine your creative energies with other people. You get to mix your ideas up with someone else’s and the result is something truly unique.  I’ve collaborated on short stories, [...]

Your Characters are NOT Your Friends: A Public Service Announcement for Writers

I've seen several Instagram posts that say things like "is it sad that my characters are my best friends?" or "I have more conversations with my characters than I do with real people. Is that bad?" Yes. Yes, it is. Not because you're a wallflower with friends that exist only in your mind. That's perfectly [...]

Sucking (Writing) a Little Every Day

Stop me if you've heard this before: "You must write every day!" I hear it every time I read an author interview, when I read a book on writing, or when watching a Youtube video featuring a prominent writing figure. No exceptions! You have to write at least a little bit every day. I'm trying [...]