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  • To All the Stories I Loved Before: a Lament About Remakes, Cash-ins, And Reboots

    I am…..tired. Fatigued. Weary. I’m tired of stories I care about—stories about friendship, perseverance, love, miracles—being plundered like a bloated corpse on the battlefield. It’s no secret among my social circles that I have a vehement hatred against remakes. Most people don’t like them, they think they are lazy and pointless, but I have transcended […]

  • The Blackcoat’s Daughter Review

    WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.  I saw the trailer for this movie a few years back, but only got around to seeing it after spotting it in my recommended videos on Netflix. The premise seemed interesting and I was in the mood for a good horror movie so […]

  • BookTube: Lost in Adaptation

    I’ve noticed a worrying trend on this blog where I tend to fixate more on things that annoy or disappoint me rather than things I actually enjoy. Perhaps it’s because it’s easier to put a finger on what I dislike than it is to articulate what brings me happiness. Perhaps I’m just a curmudgeonly old […]

  • Why I Won’t Watch”Bird Box” On Netflix

    WARNING: MILD SPOILERS FOR “BIRD BOX” AHEAD.  So….it looks like Netflix has adapted Josh Malerman’s Bird Box into a movie….. And as you can see, I’m not excited about it. It’s not that I think all book-to-movie adaptations are bad, in fact some of them are quite good (ex: Holes, Stand By Me, Carrie, Lord of The […]

  • Unpopular Opinion: Peter Rabbit and the Food Allergy Controversy

    Disclaimer: I have not seen, nor do I plan on seeing Peter Rabbit. My opinions are entirely based off of information I obtained from reading articles online detailing the scene and it’s execution (no pun intended). If you have seen the movie yourself and would care to share your opinion on how this particular instance was […]

  • Thoughts on the “IT” 2017 Trailer

    I am going to tell you something I wasn’t sure I would ever admit on this blog….. A secret that I have been keeping under wraps for fear of being ostracized by the literary community. *takes a breath* I don’t like Stephen King novels. I know, I’m sorry. It’s not for want of trying. I’ve […]