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  • Being a Writer is…

    Being a writer is- ..spending hours trying to describe how a character walked through a door. …looking up synonyms for “said” every other sentence. …typing for 3 hours straight and then deleting everything but one sentence the next day. …having 10 works in progress you’re probably never going to finish. …imagining yourself discussing your books […]

  • That First Damn Line

    If anyone were to look up from their dinner plates at me at this moment they would see someone on the verge of taking a plastic spoon from her empty soup bowl and gouging her own eyes out. I’m at a restaurant under the false impression that I am going to be doing some writing […]

  • Amidst Political Chaos, My Novel Progresses

    It’s been over a week since I’ve updated this blog and I’ve been feeling guilty about neglecting it. I would use the excuse that I’ve been busy (and I have), but more than that, I’ve been emotionally rung out (haven’t we all) and I didn’t trust myself to use this medium without making it all […]

  • My Novella is a Novel Now

    I suspected this day would come. I had just hoped I would be more ready for it. I realized upon rereading the most recent draft of my latest project that I would not be able to do my characters justice in such a short amount of time. If I want to tell the story and […]